Climate Controlled Storage

What are Climate Controlled Storage Units?

Coppertop Storage’s climate-controlled storage units are designed to offer a stable environment for your belongings, protecting them from extreme temperatures and humidity.

These units are ideal for storing sensitive items such as electronics, wood furniture, artwork, and important documents.

Our climate-controlled units, available in convenient locations near Bainbridge Island and Poulsbo, ensure that your valuables are stored in optimal conditions, regardless of the weather outside.

Do I Need Climate-Controlled Storage?
Climate-controlled storage often depends on what you intend to store. Items particularly sensitive to temperature or humidity changes, such as musical instruments, antiques, electronics, and leather goods, require such an environment for preservation.

Our climate-controlled units near Bainbridge Island and Poulsbo are essential for long-term storage, especially through the changing seasons. These units protect against common storage issues like moisture buildup, temperature fluctuations, and pests.

They maintain critical elements like insulation, continuous airflow, ventilation, and optimal temperature control, ensuring your items’ long-term preservation and safety.

Moreover, climate-controlled storage is also beneficial for personal comfort. When you visit your storage unit to retrieve or store items, you’ll find the environment inside our buildings comfortable, no matter the time of year.

Our priority is the safety and protection of your items, and we actively monitor, adjust, and test all of our climate-controlled units to ensure our quality guarantee.

The Best Climate-Controlled Storage on the Kitsap Peninsula

Bainbridge Island Location:
Our climate-controlled storage on Bainbridge Island offers a variety of unit sizes to accommodate your storage needs. The units are secured with advanced 24/7 monitoring systems and provide climate-controlled options for sensitive items. The facility is easy to access and ensures a convenient and secure storage experience.

Additional services like packing supplies and expert storage advice are available during business hours.

Poulsbo Location:
The now open climate-controlled storage in Poulsbo will feature the latest storage solutions. These units will be equipped with advanced technology to ensure the best possible environment for your belongings.

Like the Bainbridge Island location, it will provide high-level security and easy access for customers.

Both Coppertop Storage locations on the Kitsap Peninsula are dedicated to offering the best storage solutions. They are designed with your needs in mind, from advanced climate control to top-notch security and customer service.

Whether you’re storing personal items, business inventory, or anything in between, Coppertop Storage is committed to providing you with a superior storage experience.

We are committed to providing you with the best self-storage experience possible so you can keep your items safe, secure, and protected without the typical stress and effort. Our storage facilities are designed to bring you peace of mind, no matter how big or small your needs.

Choose CopperTop, and trust that your items are safe with us.

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Poulsbo Location Opening October 5th.